One-Off Taster Sessions for the Summer

  • Our Tester Session will be at Yeoman Hill Park on Tuesday 13th August, we will  meet at 1.30pm for start at 2.00pm and finish around 4.00pm.
  • £2 per person.  We will try our hand at Bowls, a game I have never played before, and I’m sure we will all have a good laugh.
  • Please sign for this sessions on the sheet of paper at our usual u3a meetings.  See you there.  Roger Wood.



We are having our Christmas Fayre on Tuesday the 19th November at Turner Hall from 10.00 to 12.00.

Everyone is welcome, members, friends, family and visitors.

There will be refreshments and many stalls and games and displays from some of our groups.


The Third Age Trust AGM 2024 – Special Resolution

Background for the special resolution

For the last two years, the Board has been developing proposals to change the way in which decisions are made at national level. The Board has had discussions with similar member organisations, the charity adviser, NCVO, and with the Trust’s lawyers. Following the most extensive consultations with u3as in the history of the movement, these proposals are now being presented to the membership at the AGM in the form of a resolution.

The resolution is to change the movement’s governing document, the Articles of Association, and to introduce new Standing Orders. The Articles need to be changed for two reasons (i) the way in which Board Trustees are to be elected will change, and (ii) to introduce the new u3a Council. The new Standing Orders then include all the arrangements for the Council to operate.

The Board believes that this resolution will lead to much more effective governance arrangements. First, the new smaller Board, made up of elected members with particular skills and experience, will be able to focus on compliance, finances and strategy. Second, the u3a Council, made up of elected representatives from each region/nation, will be able to deal with those issues of collective interest to u3as. Legally, the Board has the oversight responsibility for the Third Age Trust, but special protocols will provide a structure for the Council and the Board to operate without duplication and overlap, and to manage communications between the two bodies. The major benefit of the proposal is that for the first time, all workings of the Council will take place in the context of what u3as want. The collective views of u3as will be reflected in Council discussions and decisions, and the results can be communicated directly to u3as.

The proposal also changes the status and burden on current Board Trustees. The focus moves to a region/nation representative role on the u3a Council, with an opportunity to spread the load between two representatives. There is also flexibility for a third volunteer to carry out local operational activities in each region/nation, again reducing the burden that previously fell on a single trustee. This should make each role more attractive to new volunteers, increasing member involvement. After considerable thought, effort, consultation, and some amendments, the Board submits the resolution to member u3as at the Annual General Meeting on 16 October 2024, and strongly recommends its approval.

Special Resolution


(the Company)

(company number 1759471) (registered charity number 288007)

Special Resolution to be proposed at the AGM

THAT the draft Articles of Association [circulated to members of the Company and a copy of which is produced to the meeting] be adopted as the Company’s Articles of Association in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the Company’s existing Articles of Association which will, inter alia, establish a new Board and Council with effect from 1 April 2025.

How will the resolution affect us ?