It’s in the title – Photography for Fun. Whatever your skill level you can enjoy participating. The following aspects of photography will be covered at each session – technical/artistic/practical/discussion/themes.

  • Frequency & Time : 2nd Wednesday in the month, 10am-12pm

  • Venue : Sherwood Welfare

  • Contact : Pat Collins or email group co-ordinator

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Themes for 2021



January Nostalgia
February Sculptures/monuments
March Silhouettes
April Easter
May Symmetry in Nature
June The Golden Hour (one hour before sunrise or one hour after sunset)
July My Favourite Photograph!
August My Guilty Pleasure
September Leading Lines
October Clocks
November Remembrance
December Celebrations

July 2021 winner – taken by Roger

Back in 2018, the Tour of Britain came to Mansfield, I found a good spot on Chesterfield Rd very near the finishing line. I steadied myself against a railing and I wanted to pan the first bunch of bikers that came past. I waited, and waited, the rain poured down, I tried to keep my camera dry by putting a Tesco carrier bag over it. I waited and waited, suddenly people started ringing cow bells and the crowd began shouting and pushing forward to get a better view. Keeping my great position, I removed the bag and waited. The crowd went wild, I did not have time to look up, I kept cool and waited. Then I saw a cycle wheel coming into shot, I started panning and stopped, quickly clicking my camera, hoping I was using the right shutter speed. It was all over in a minute, the bikers went past at full speed, spraying the rain everywhere. I had no time to take another one, my hands trembling in the cold. I was excited when I viewed back the photo, I realised I caught the winner just right. Roger

 Group examples (April 2021)